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Kissy K believes in providing our customers with lip products that promotes healthy lip care!  whether you create a bold or subtle look, Kissy K lip-glosses & cream mattes can complete any makeup look.  All while leaving your lips feeling Smooth Like Butter! 

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Your Skin 
Comes First

Choosing the right makeup has become an imperative part of life. That’s why Kissy K Cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free, avoiding toxins and chemicals found in many common beauty products. As you wear the Kissy K brand filled with the best ingredients for your skin, your skin is being fed and nourished in the most radiant way!


I created Kissy K because I was a victim of using brands that caused my lips to experience discoloration and severe dryness. I became infatuated with how important it was to wear makeup that was healthy for the skin. After tons of research, I developed a formula that protect the skin with natural ingredients and fight against irritants and pollutants. Nonetheless, you will enjoy wearing Kissy K lip products that leave your lips feeling smooth and moisturized and also wearing our highly pigmented face products! And trust! A little goes a long way!


Rest assure you won’t have to sacrifice performance for health by choosing KISSY K makeup. You can have both! Our makeup delivers amazing performance (just as good as “traditional” makeup brands), while using ingredients that are better for your skin and better for our planet.

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